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Touched by the feeling of lostness, which accompanies many people, my figures create a bridge of sympathy. I aspire to sensitize the viewer's consciousness with my work. Intrigued by old portraits, I attempt to bring back the long-forgotten, or at least revitalize their presence in the now. Construing photographs is my way of opening up a gateway to the words of the persons who are the source of my inspiration.



Behind every piece of art is a wonderful woman

A book by Inga-Lisa  Stettler-Jansen about the  artists of the International Lyceum Club Zürich. 

Bildschirmfoto 2023-12-06 um 16.57.06 Kopie.jpeg

Art de suisse  –  Exhibition


While continuously refining and developing my sculpting skill, I began exploring and diversifying into experimental techniques of photography. What started out as a playful exercise behind the camera and on a paper soon turned into a new and glamorous way of giving my figurines a stage to shine on. 

IMG_0703 Edited Ausstellung 4.jpg


Exhibition of the latest works in the International Lyceum Club Zürich in January and February 2023.

IMG_0706 Edited Ausstellung 2.jpg
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